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Accelerate your digital presence

As a gallery owner, you know that digital marketing efforts are essential to your success and it can be difficult to know where to invest time and resources in your activity.
Artifexio helps you develop your online artistic activity and bring your gallery into the 21st century.
Improve your digital presence, expand your reach and increase your online sales, and expand your global network of collectors. 

The profiles of amateurs and collectors, the flow of scans and downloads, as well as our direct messaging features increase the attention paid to your gallery, build lasting and innovative relationships with new collectors, and stop losing the public who take pictures of works in your gallery or at a fair with their mobile phone: stay connected!

Try our solution and connect with collectors from around the world on our unique marketplace and join thousands of users to browse, share and buy contemporary art with the most advanced and attractive digital technology on the market.

How it works ?

Creating a seller account:

  • Enter the requested elements in our online form
  • Validation of your account : Download your stock of works
  • Discover and purchase your products: Orders arrive in your sales back office.
  • You validate, prepare and ship them
  • Deliver your works: Track the delivery and follow-up with your customer from the seller’s back-office
  • you are paid
  • you receive your payment

Quick return on investment, choose the model that suits you, after registration via the dedicated form, your request will be studied by our selection committee within 10 days.

A contract proposal will be sent to you, this registration lasts 2 minutes, provide the necessary supporting documents for your registration: your identity card, your Kbis and your RIB (No withdrawal will be made without signature).